Why did the chicken cross the road?

racism rd

First of all, it is a highway, you ignorant racist.

main highway, no less.

A main highway called—in a bold deviation from naming convention—Racism Road.

Second, despite it being a highway that is named Road, which intersects with a number of terribly named streets, it is a multi-layered blanket.

To be clear: it is not a number of different blankets atop one another (which might’ve made more sense, the also-being-a-road part notwithstanding) but a single blanket with multiple layers. It is a Many-Layered Blanket of Oppression.


So, in this embarrassing shambles of a mixed metaphor upon which some think it viable to build a sound theory, a chicken’s motivation in crossing an arterial is possibly the least pressing of all the questions you should be asking.


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