Watch as Sam Harris completely fucks his own argument within the first two pages of his book.

End-of-Thought The first three Evernote highlights you see below are from the very beginning of the very first chapter of The End of Faith. Basically, had his publisher opted to go with footnotes instead of endnotes, nobody would have bothered reading past the second page. The End of FaithYeah, pardon me if I don’t bet my life on him being Muslim, then. And it’s ‘misleading’ for an international security expert to call the Tamil Tigers secular, but totes legit when you say that Israel isn’t ‘Jewish’? Oh, fair enough.

You can always tell when Sam Harris is going to say something batshit-fucking-insane, because he prefaces with ‘Needless to say, …’, ‘It goes without saying, …’, ‘We know that …’, ‘Obviously, …’ or, in this case, ‘undoubtedly’.

Seriously. Two pages.

I mean, even Sarah Wilson took about six in order to tell people that all sugar is the same, before claiming that fructose is completely different and, like, SUPER-toxic or whatever. (To be fair, I Quit Sugar has LOTS of cutesy-wutesy-put-a-bird-on-it pictures, so it’s not exactly a level playing field.)


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